LEDarcade: upping your LED game

LEDarcade: upping your LED game


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If you have an Adafruit LED matrix, like many people you may have ran the demos then put it in a drawer. Or maybe you were a little more ambitious and loaded a project that requires the display.

You may have even decided to start drawing graphics and text, creating your own functions, and then moved on to other more exciting projects.

I however spent the past 5 years (on and off) creating my own library of functions as part of my Arcade Retro Clock RGB project.


I decided to pull out some of these functions and share them in a separate project called LEDarcade.

LEDArcade has many classes, functions, pre-defined sprites that are used to do the following:

  • draw a sprite
  • move a sprite
  • make a sprite float across the screen
  • draw colorful animated sprites floating across the screen
  • draw text of multiple sizes
  • scroll text left or right at various speeds
  • multiple ways to clear the screen (zooming in / zooming out / fading)
  • scroll the screen around a large map, displaying only a section of the map in a window

There are many more functions available but they are fairly complex. As this project moves forward I will create more examples and document each function.

I hope you can use these functions in your own project. Try it out and give me some feedback.