Who is this old guy?

Who is this old guy?

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·Sep 8, 2021·

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I am a life long computer programmer. Well, since I was 11. I started programming on a TRS-80. The language was Microsoft Basic. At the time, I didn't know what Microsoft even meant.

All I knew was that when you turned on the computer it would display something like: Copyright 1979 Microsoft.


40 years later I look back on an exciting career as a Database Administrator / Data Architect. But that is for another blog.

This blog will highlight what I have fun doing: building projects on Raspberry Pi computers using Python.

I have several projects underway at any given time. I'll work my way backwards starting with my latest project MeshTalk.


MeshTalk is a python program that will send and receive messages from a Meshtastic long range radio communication system.

More on that soon.

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